Who Are We?

"Paint The Town Red" is a collaboration between two artists and teachers who also happen to be married to each other.


John and Leigh Dobson have a passion for teaching and for making art and want to share that passion with the people of Launceston. And if it also involves wine, well that's ok too. 

Leigh Dobson

Artist and Teacher

Leigh started painting over 20 years ago when a good friend invited her over for a catch up, a drink and to paint. From that first moment, she LOVED it and has been painting ever since.  Leigh wants other people to have the same joy and fun time that she first experienced 20 years ago.

Leigh is a Launceston local and has been a Teacher for over 20 years across all age groups (Kinder to Year 12). After a few years break and three sons later, Leigh returned to work at Launceston College and has taught a variety of subjects over the last 8 years. 

Leigh and John’s proudest adventure has been travelling around Australia twice. The most recent time was in 2015 for the entire year in a 1980’s caravan. It was definitely an adventure with our three sons and enjoying the beauty of the Australia outback and the stunning flora.

Leigh continues to paint and her artwork draws on the array of colours in nature. With her own style, she works to highlight the beauty of both people and the natural world surrounding them.

After many years of refining her own art practice and teaching a diverse range of subjects at various schools, Leigh looks forward to sharing her passion and experience with others in an entertaining night. She looks forward to helping you unleash your inner creative whilst having fun with friends in a relaxed and supportive atmosphere.

Leigh also has a current First Aid certificate (with CPR) and her RSA.

Our Artwork

buttongrass plains cropped and sized.jpg

Button Grass Plains. Tasmanian Highlands

John Dobson

30x30 lily.jpg


Leigh Dobson

trevallyn Dam.jpg

Hot Dam. Trevallyn Dam

John Dobson

test shoot D750.jpg

"It'll buff out" 

John Dobson

acacia 30x30 .jpg


Leigh Dobson

Plantation cropped and sized.jpg

Old Growth New Growth

John Dobson

Protea 20x20 card circle with black bord


Leigh Dobson

ferns cropped and sized.jpg

Tasmanian Man Fern

John Dobson


Cups and Bowls

John Dobson

triptych john.jpg

Landscape Triptych

John Dobson


Large Bowls

John Dobson


Bold Beauty

Leigh Dobson

John Dobson

Artist and Teacher

John was born and grew up in Launceston. He has always been interested in art and after finishing school he moved to Queensland where he completed his undergraduate degree at the University of the Sunshine Coast specialising in photography and graphic design. John worked in advertising for a few years, but whilst he enjoyed the creative challenge, he found himself looking for a job with a greater sense of purpose.


It was moving back to Tasmania which ultimately led him back to university to complete a master of teaching degree. Teaching Art provided the spark that was missing from his earlier work, and he has not looked back since he started teaching over ten years ago. He is currently teaching visual art at Launceston College, where he has taught for the last 5 years.

In John’s own art practice he has experimented with many different materials and approaches to making art. His first love was photography, but he has produced work in almost every medium. His most recent practice has been in ceramics, particularly wheel-thrown pottery. 

John and Leigh have travelled extensively, particularly in Australia and the common thread of John’s work, be it digital art, photography or his more recent ceramics has been an attempt to distil the beauty of our natural environment down to a clean minimalist form.

John is very excited to bring his wealth of art making and art teaching skills to a new creative venture, and hopes to instil a love of art and creativity into our “Paint the town Red” sessions. He has also been known to drink whilst making art, and knows from experience that everyone can learn to be an artist, and that the best learning happens when you are enjoying yourself.